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CDL Trucking Training

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life was created to help those who were formerly incarcerated transition back into everyday life a little easier. We do this by providing education and training so that those who need it can join the workforce and stay on a path that will help them grow. One of the main training programs we offer is for CDL Trucking. 

Our organization has partnered with various trucking schools to provide CDL training to formerly incarcerated individuals with funding being provided for all program participants. Training ranges from four weeks to six months and allows individuals to begin their commercial truck driving career upon completion.

If you would like to donate to our organization please visit out contact page to inquire about doing so. We thank you for showing your support.

There are plenty of ways that you can get involved with our organization. Visit our services page to learn more and please reach out to us if interested.

Our mission is to cultivate opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals that will help themto sustain positive lifestyle changes. 


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