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We strive to reduce recidivism by cultivating opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals through housing, mentorship, employment resources, and developing pathways to entrepreneurship. With the goal that these opportunities will help to sustain positive lifestyle changes. 


To improve reentry processes and reinvest in a safe and healthy community by creating economic self-sufficiency for returning persons.

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My name is Arnold McClarin

Born and raised in Chester, Pennsylvania, I am the fifth of nine children. I was raised by my mother in the William Penn Public Housing Projects where times were often difficult. To help overcome the hardships, my mother worked two jobs to ensure her family had everything we needed to survive. Despite my mother’s best efforts, it was not always enough. When I was of age, I enlisted in the Navy with the hope of being able to start a career and make enough money to provide for my mother and siblings. When I arrived back home I saw a few friends making good money selling drugs and decided that would be the easiest way to make money fast to financially support my family. Eventually I was caught and sentenced to 4 years/Life in New York and 5/15 years in New Jersey running concurrently. While I was incarcerated, I had plenty of time to think about the poor choices I made, and if given the opportunity, how I could make better choices and turn my life around. While in prison I had my family send me information and a CDL book to study and upon my release from prison, I got my CDL license and began working as a truck driver. I began employment with Lazer Spot as a truck driver and eventually worked my way up in the organization from $15 per hour to six figures a year through six promotions: from driver to that of Philadelphia Area Manager.

One of my promises to my mom was to buy her a house and I was able to do just that. Also, wanting to give back to my community, I started McClarin’s Realty, LLC. and McClarin’s Moving, LLC. purchasing homes and renovating them to provide housing for those less fortunate. To date, I now provide adequate housing to over ten residents in Chester, Pennsylvania who are trying to make a promising future for themselves.


My background exemplifies determination to succeed in a world where I could have been just another statistic. There is a stigma connected to those exiting the justice system back into society. I would not be where I am today if there hadn’t been someone who believed in me, because of this I want to pay it forward. This is why I started a non-profit organization CYT/CYL to help people coming back into society become successful.

Meet the Team.

We are pleased to introduce our amazing board and staff that help make this all possible. 

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